About Us

Our History

Action Ministries began in 1994 as a resource room in Ryland Heights Elementary School. Tom Dorman saw a need for food and clothing among the children at this school and reasoned that if the resources of the community were consolidated, they could be funneled to the less fortunate in the area. It soon became evident that a wider population could be served if more space were available. Decoursey Baptist Church had a garage that they weren’t using, and they were willing to rent the space to the group of six volunteers who became the nucleus of Action Ministries. The ministry was incorporated in 1998. The 501(c)3 determination letter was received in 2000. In the fall of 2002, we purchased land in Latonia and built an 8,000 square-foot warehouse/office facility there. We moved into that facility in June, 2003. This building was made possible largely by a gift from a single individual who continued to support the Mission until her death in 2005.

What We Do

We provide food and household grocery items to over 1,000 families each month. Many of the families coming to us never had to ask for assistance before, but are being forced to now because of unexpected job losses. As we are able, we also share items which have been donated to us with other small agencies in the area. Above all that we do to help provide for the physical needs of our clients, we strive to make it abundantly clear that we are there to show God’s love and concern for them. Each morning, the volunteers and clients begin the day with prayer. Reading material and pictures in the waiting area make it evident that we are a Christian organization. We don’t discriminate against anyone based on their religious beliefs, but we hope that they will be clear about ours.